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Price is for a pair With so many driving lights available it is understandably easy to become confused as to what really is a premium light. FYRLYT was designed from the ground up with a combination of features that make it a world first and we believe offers unbeatable value and perfomance. FYRLYT was designed to be nothing but a driving light. Some lights on the market are designed as spotlights with a narrow beam for maximum distance with little peripheral volume. FYRLYT gives you distance and volume thanks to the unique reflector design. The CHECKLIST opposite calls out the features that matter and make FYRLYT a light worth considering if you desire a product that is engineered to perform and give long term value on or off-road no matter what you drive. Filament Tuned Reflector The Filament Tuned Reflector FTR has been geometrically optimised to realise the full potential of the Luminous Flux produced by the light source, directing more light where it is needed. Manufactured from aluminium with a robust base and hard top coat, the FYRLYT reflector possesses exceptionally high spectral reflectance whilst being scratch, chemical and heat resistant. Quick Change Sacrificial Lens The lens has been designed to be readily replaceable without tools, making lens covers redundant. With FYRLYT the lens and cover are one and the same. This eliminates the compounding light losses induced by the 2 redundant plastic to air surface transitions that come with transparent lens covers. This with the reduction in operating temperature is valuable in maximising light performance. The simple lens removal also allows for the bulb to be changed from the front of the light if the mounting limits rear access. Integrated Quick Change Bulb and Heat Sink Management of the operating temperature of high performance lights is crucial. FYRLYT has integrated a quick release system for fast bulb change with a high performance aluminium alloy heat sink, manufactured from T6060-T5. This feature is an essential component in facilitating the use of high performance light sources whilst maintaining acceptable operating temperatures. Integrated Spread or Spot Beam The Integrated Spread or Spot beam, provides two factory set beam patterns in the one light that can be adjusted to suit the driving conditions in seconds by pushing and rotating bulb holder. Gore???Vent Breather The Gore???Vent breather reduces the possibility of water ingress when operated in moist air whilst paradoxically providing a seal if the light is submerged. This is achieved by its breathing characteristics which provides a means to maintain a near to equilibrium air pressure to that of ambient by releasing pressure caused by the temperature rise when the light is in use. Conversely it allows an inflow of air when it cools to eliminate the creation of a significant vacuum within the light. Billet Machined Aluminium Alloy Base The billet machined Aluminium Alloy (T6060-T5) base maintains its impact strength at extremely low temperatures unlike some metals and plastics, whilst providing exceptional resistance to vibration. This ensures the light maintains the set position in the most adverse operating conditions. In addition it provides infinitely variable adjustment within a 25 mm range and is also reversible. Hard Coated Optical Surfaces The Hard coating applied to both the lens and reflector optical surfaces provides improved chemical and scratch resistance to the base materials, maximising the longevity of the optical performance of the light. Premium driving lights are an investment you want to last! Stainless Steel Fasteners The fasteners and spring in FYRLYT are manufactured from austenitic stainless steels for optimum corrosion resistance. FYRLYT considers every potential scenario and utilises the best grade of materials for durability. Injection Moulded Engineering Resins The non metallic components of FYRLYT are manufactured from high impact reinforced and non reinforced engineering polymers with exceptionally high impact and fatigue characteristics. This coupled with higher than normal wall sections have created an extremely robust configuration. 400% thicker than a rivals 240 model! FYRLYT Lights are Rebuildable All components can be individually purchased as spares and thanks to smart design are simple to reassemble to as good as new.

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