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Introducing the interVOLT DCC Pro:
The best in-class performance for a charger of this size
The DCC Pro is a true 25 Amp charger, that is, 25 Amps
at 50°C all day, every day. In addition the DCC Pro will
continue charging at reduced output right up to 85°C!
Remote monitoring from the comfort of the driving seat
The DCC Pro is kitted with an interactive, in-cabin display
for remote monitoring of the auxiliary charging status
from both main and solar power charging sources.
Solar ready – no need for a separate regulator or relay
The DCC Pro is a complete MPPT solar charge controller
capable of handling 250 Watts of power with up to 30%
greater eciency than a standard PWM regulator.
Under bonnet charging device is dust and water proof
The DCC Pro is sealed to IP67 standard and is designed
to be mounted in the engine bay or on the chassis itself.
The DCC Pro can handle temporary submersion!
Capable of monitoring two chargers on a single display
The DCC Pro Remote Display can accept and monitor two
Individual Charging Devices at once! No need to purchase
a second display when two auxiliary batteries are used


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