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Price 1.8m $1395, These are pick up only, or we will send out Perth Metro for $50 Here at 4×4 Extras we sell the well know Tracklander roof racks. Prices may vary depending on vehicle. Available in standard sizes 1.3m (dual cab utes) 1.8m, 2.1m and 2.2m and available for most makes and models from gutter mount to non gutter mount vehicles Custom sizes can be made to order. We also stock a large range of the accessories as well. Call us for a quote. Why Tracklander? Alloy construction. Chromate dipped, then finished with a hammer-tone powder coated finish (twice the thickness of standard powder coating). The curved leg design, suitable for most applications, provides increased strength for those heavier loads. Five-year warranty. 7mm mesh base is recessed and welded at every point of contact, ensuring no rattle or cracking in rough conditions and no sharp edges to damage your load. Each leg mount has two bolt points with locking strut nut to attach the roof rack. 3mm wall thickness for perimeter rail extrusion. Up to 11 cross members, depending on model and size of rack chosen. Cambered cross rails on the roof racks base gives the load great spring and support. High impact wind deflector provides smooth, quiet travel. High security attachment to the vehicle (it cannot be undone quickly by standard spanners). Up to 200kg maximum load capacity. Side fixed ladders are available for just about every popular 4×4. Full length shaped gutter supports ensure the legs bed down and secure the rack to the vehicle, firmly fitting to the shape of the gutters. Rack designed to flex with vehicle. Minimal fitting height, providing the lowest profile to the roof of the vehicle, but still allowing cleaning of the vehicles roof. Choose from full, 3/4 & 1/2 length for most vehicles. Choose from standard, open-ended (trade style) or tent topper styles to best suit your needs.

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